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School and Home: Racialized and Gendered Connections - Audio

Jessica S. Cobb, Sociology
Freeden Oeur, Sociology

School and Home: Racialized and Gendered Connections
CRG Thursday Forum: 2/9/12

Constructing “Appropriate” Families: Education, Inequality, and Teacher Subjectivities
Jessica S. Cobb, Sociology

“Our Boys are Depending on You”: Caring for Black Boys at a Single-Sex Public School
Freeden Oeur, Sociology

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Contact Zones: Racialized Encounters in California Public Schools


Professor Barrie Thorne, Sociology
Emily Gleason, Education

University partnerships with the community are often depicted in terms of the many positive contributions that university professors and students can provide back to the surrounding neighborhoods and communities in terms of human and intellectual capital.


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