Thank you to our generous donors!

Your contribution is key support for UC Berkeley students doing research that illuminates the nuances of history and representation, explores complex questions about identity and connection, and charts new understandings of the foundational role of race and gender in human life.

  • Prof. Elizabeth Abel
  • Rosio Alvarez & Prof. Juana Maria Rodriguez
  • Jenny Ace
  • Matthew Andrews
  • Quang Anh Tran
  • Molly Babel
  • Prof. Paola Bacchetta
  • Prof. Bil Banks
  • Dr. Hatem Bazian
  • Gene Bernardi
  • Alisa Bierria
  • Prof. Karl Britto
  • Prof. Brandi Catanese
  • Prof. Julian Chow
  • Prof. Catherine Ceniza Choy
  • Connie Chung
  • Stefanie Como
  • Kevin Escudero
  • Dr. Laura Fantone
  • Prof. Keith Feldman
  • Salina Gray
  • Prof. Charles Henry
  • Joina Hsiao
  • Donna Hiraga-Stephens & Alan Stephens
  • Kimberly Hoang
  • Prof. Susan Ivey
  • Japanese American Women Alumnae Association
  • Tala Khanmalek
  • Sang Lee
  • Prof. Colleen Lye
  • Prof. David Montejano
  • Prof. Evelyn Nakano Glenn
  • Prof. Michael Omi
  • Prof. Tamara Roberts
  • Pamela Roby
  • Prof. Jeff Romm
  • Brendan Shanahan
  • David Szanton
  • Prof. Charis Thompson & John Lie
  • Prof. Barrie Thorne
  • Jean Twomey
  • Connie Wun
  • Sunny Xiang


CRG has prioritized establishing an endowment for student research, especially during an era of tightening budgets.  Our goal is to raise $10,000.  Thanks to the donors above, we've raised over $5,000, bringing us more than half way there!  Your generous contribution will help us reach our goal.

If you are UC Berkeley faculty, emeriti faculty, staff, retired staff, or a current student, your donations will be DOUBLED by the university.

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