Indigeneity: Collected Essays



Collected Essays

Guillermo Delgado-P. and John Brown Childs, editors

In October 2004, the Center for Race & Gender hosted the international conference, "Beyond Race and Citizenship: Indigeneity in the 21st Century."  We are excited to announce the publication of Indigeneity: Collected Essays, edited by Guillermo Delgado-P and John Brown Childs, a collection of analysis that was inspired by that generative gathering.

Indigeneity: Collected Essays is an original and provocative reader that provides new understandings of indigeneity for the 21st century.  The essays take as point of departure John Brown Childs' concept of "transcommunality," defined as a dialogue between communities that emphasizes respect for diverse histories yet acknowledges at the same time that there exist shared linkages involved the struggle over the right to territory and control of resources, knowledge production, and self-determination.  The essays create transcommunal dialogues by underscoring the importance of international ties between Indigenous Peoples and communities due to shared histories of resistance and resilience in the face of violent colonialisms, modernity's homogenizing narratives, and the ongoing challenges produced by increasing (neo)globalization.

Published in May 2012.
The book can be ordered from The Literary Guillotine
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