Sambo: A (Post)Colonial (Mis)Education, Abdul R JanMohamed

11/10/2016 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Hearst Annex D-37, UC Berkeley


Sambo: A (Post)Colonial (Mis)Education

A lecture by Abdul R JanMohamed, English

Thursday, November 10, 2016
5pm - 7pm
Hearst Annex D-37, UC Berkeley

Hosted by: Political Conflict, Gender and People’s Rights Project, Center for Race and Gender


How does the (Post)Colonial world configure its subjects? Having examined this question in the past from scholarly, critical and analytic viewpoints, Abdul R. JanMohamed now turns to the more subjective, autobiographical experiences that have triggered, conditioned and fueled his distinguished body of scholarly/critical accounts on the subject. This presentation will focus on two singular occurrences from JanMohamed’s childhood: first, being interpellated in a British boarding school as “Sambo,” a comic and pathetic creature who was nevertheless deemed capable of corrupting the morals of innocent English schoolboys; second, being configured as a death-bound-subject, one commanded to absolute silence via the deployment of violence, which was in turn invariably supplemented by the threat of death. The first correlates with Manichean Aesthetics (1983) and the second with The Death-Bound-Subject (2005).

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