Undocumented Students Research & Action Initiative

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A collaboration of UC Berkeley partners announce  a research initiative to explore the topic of improving the campus climate for undocumented students at Berkeley.  Funded by the UC Berkeley Innovation Grants for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity, the initiative will:

  • Organize intentional community building efforts among undocumented students across lines of race, ethnicity, and national origin -
    Following the leadership of the undocumented student movement whose members have asserted how important it is for students to "come out of the shadows" to connect with each other and build together in order to effect a meaningful impact on the climate for undocumented students.
  • Launch an intensive engaged research project that collects critical data about the experiences and insights of undocumented students students at UC Berkeley -
    Leveraging the relationships with students nurted by project partners and created through community-building activities, we will launch an engaged community research project to gather important data about the full range of undocumented students at UC Berkeley, including their backgrounds, the experiences they have as undocumented students at Berkeley, the survival strategies they employ, how those strategies vary across ehtnic/cultural groups, and what kinds of specific supports need to be developed to improve the campus climate for undocumented students.  This project will also exercise rigorous standards of confidentiality.  
  • Host a narrative writing project for Spring 2011, Researching & Writing Immigration -
    Narrative writing will provide rich and humanizing qualitative data that will help create a three dimensional picture of the experiences of AB540 students.
  • Facilitate information distribution of findings from our community building and research projects -
    We will publish a report detailing research findings and suggested recommendations for improving the campus climate.

Project partners include the Center for Race & Gender (CRG), the Center for Latino Policy Research (CLPR), Multicultural Community Center (MCC), Rising Immigrant Students through Education (RISE), Multicultural Immigrant Student Program (MISP), Asian Pacific American Student development (APASD), and Chicano/Latino Student Development (CLSD).  The project will also coordinate information with the Chancellor's Task Force on Undocumented Members of the On-Campus Community.  This initiative will be ongoing for Spring 2011 and Fall 2011 semesters.

For more information, please contact us at centerrg@berkeley.edu