CRG Endowment for Graduate Student Research

WE'VE REACHED OUR GOAL!!  The CRG Endowment for Graduate Student Research is now officially established thanks to the financial support of UC Berkeley faculty, students, staff, as well as CRG supporters around the US. This community of supporters met the Chancellor's Challenge and successfully donated over $10,000, making it eligible for a 1:1 match.  Altogether, this important new endowment will begin with over $20,000 in start-up funds!

Since 2003, the CRG has awarded over 200 grants to promising undergraduate and graduate student researchers across disciplines who are investigating new research areas related to race and gender. These grants provide much-needed funding to students who are developing emerging research projects, community partnerships, and creative projects of local and international scope. 

Committed to creating a lasting resource for student research, the CRG pursued the Chancellor's Challenge for Student Support to establish an endowment so that emerging student research on race and gender will be financially supported for years to come. Our hope is that this effort will also free up funds to increase our budget for undergraduate student research grants as well. All grantees pursue the critical study of race and gender across disciplines and topic areas, such as health care, civic participation, militarism, performance, sexuality, technology, identity, and social justice.

We’ve been told by students again and again how incredibly important this grant is, certainly in terms of helping to cover research expenses, but also in affirming their work in race and gender research and analysis. Therefore, we plan to continue to cultivate this endowment from the seed that has been planted. To help this fund grow, please DONATE TO THE CRG!