Muslim Identities & Cultures
Name: Saima Akhtar

The Muslim Identities and Cultures (MIC) working group studies Muslim identities and cultures from multiple standpoints including but not limited to: race, gender, queer (of color) theory, nationalism, critical cultural geography, etc.  Our primary objective is to study the impacts of ‘9/11’ on Muslim individuals and communities through these lens, as well as the “racialization” of Muslims in the United States and abroad.  In particular, we have been researching the intersections of “anti-terrorist/terrorism” initiatives around the world.  We are interested in how these intersections represent Muslim identitities, especially those of Muslim women.  This theme is, however, not foreclosed; we explore in a way that allows time and space for different inquiries and analyses, as is apparent in our history of activity.  The promotion of inter and transdisciplinary/ departmental research is our priority, for we believe that it is precisely through diverse discourses that we can discuss Muslim identities and cultures as well as their worldings.