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Thu, Oct 6, 2016 - 4:00 pm


Racial Looking: Photo Archives of Intimacy, Orientalism, & Global Power

Moderated by Dr. Ariko S. Ikehara, Comparative Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

Through Okinawan Eyes: Race and Blackness in the Photography of Ishikawa Mao
Daryl Maude, East Asian Languages & Cultures

In 1975, Okinawan photographer Ishikawa Mao took a job as a hostess in a bar catering to African American servicemen stationed in Okinawa. Newly returned from photography school in Tokyo, Ishikawa wanted to take photographs of the servicemen and their Okinawan and Japanese lovers, wives, and girlfriends. The portraits she produced were candid and intimate, showing soldiers at their leisure and women at work, as well as more domestic scenes of cooking, relaxing, and socialising.

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