The Center for Race and Gender (CRG) is an interdisciplinary research center at the University of California, Berkeley that supports critical and engaged research on race, gender, and their intersections.  Launched as a result of the 1999 Ethnic Studies Student Strike, the CRG cultivates research and creative projects led by students, faculty, artists, activists, and community members.  Learn more...


Mon, Sep 7, 2015 - 11:45 pm

Call for Papers

Islamophobia: (neo)racism and systems of oppression
Montreal, Canada

CONFERENCE DATE: October 24-25, 2015

Sat, Oct 10, 2015 - 11:45 pm

UC Berkeley, Center for Race and Gender
Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project

Call for Papers

Islamophobia and Eroding Civil Society
Paris, France

ABSTRACTS DUE: October 10, 2015
CONFERENCE DATE: December 11, 2015

7, rue des Carmes
Paris 75006

  • Words from the Associate Director
  • Chancellor’s Award for the CRG Director
  • Distinguished Guest Lecture: Prof. Chandan Reddy
  • It Was All A Dream: Undocumented Student Life 
  • Thursday Forum Series - Fall 2014 
  • Black Lives Matter @ Cal 
  • On Racial Formations in the US: Interview with Prof. Michael Omi 
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