2016 European Islamophobia Report

Dr. Farid Hafez, a visiting scholar at the CRG Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project, and his colleagues have released the annual European Islamophobia Report, documenting the state of Islamophobia in Europe as of 2016. The report is available to download as a PDF, and an excerpt of the introduction is below. Also, listen to Dr. Hafez discuss the findings from the report in a CRG podcast. This is the second edition of the annual European Islamophobia Report (EIR) which was presented for the first time in 2015. New countries are included in this year’s EIR; while 25 countries were...

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Research & Resistance in the Era of Trump

This article was originally printed in the Spring 2017 issue of FaultLines. In the midst of the Trump Administration moving forward on policies that is said to seriously endanger many targeted communities, infamous “alt-right” speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos, visited UC Berkeley this past February. His visit sparked student and faculty organizing, as well as a tumultuous convergence of neo-Nazis, Black Bloc members, police, and others the night of the scheduled visit. This event was widely covered by media, including a comment by President Trump who tweeted a threat to de-fund our campus. In this issue, FaultLines shares a quick snapshot of...

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Researching Islamophobia in the Bay Area

Researching Islamophobia in the Bay Area by Rhonda Itaoui, CRG Visiting Scholar from Western Sydney University, Australia Late December 2014, I apprehensively accepted an offer for a commonwealth-supported place in Western Sydney University’s PhD Program in Human Geography to become a visiting scholar in the CRG Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project. Overwhelmed by nerves, fear and self-doubt, I knew this commitment would be no less than an intense, demanding challenge. As I sit here on the beautiful UC Berkeley campus in California, I can safely say I could never have imagined writing a reflection of my PhD experience from such...

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“Missing in History”: An Interview with Prof. Khatharya Um on Critical Migration and Refugee Studies

Interview from CRG FaultLines newsletter, Spring 2017 issue. Khatharya Um is an Associate Professor in the Department of Ethnic Studies in the area of Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies. Prof. Um recently published two major volumes advancing the political discourse on migration and refugee studies in Southeast Asia, and exploring themes such as war, exile, belonging, and genocide. Prof. Um’s research not only intervenes in the telling of complex histories of conflict, it offers crucial insight into ongoing debates about migration, accountability and justice.  – Desirée Valadares, CRG Graduate Student Researcher CRG: How did your edited volume, Southeast...

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Yoga Justice/Yoga Violence Conference

Originally published in the Fall 2016 issue of FaultLines. On April 22, 2016, the Race and Yoga working group hosted its third conference “Yoga Justice/Yoga Violence.” Building on the success of our previous gatherings, we decided to interrogate yoga as a healing modality, form of social justice activism, and site of violence simultaneously. Responding to previous attendee feedback, we included somatic practice (physical movement, breathing, meditation) this year. We received an overwhelming response to our call for papers. The conference organizing committee (Tria Blu Wakpa, Sabrina Strings, Jennifer Musial) adjudicated 40 abstracts submitted by scholar-practitioners domestically and internationally (ie....

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