CRG Thursday Forum Series

Deconstructing the “Refugee Crisis”: Race, Representation, & Recognition
CRG Thursday Forum Series

Denaturalizing the Mediterranean border: Mediterraneanism, Mediterranean migration, and the tracing of the boundaries of Europeanness
Ilaria Giglioli, Geography

Re-forming Refugee Protection: A U.S. Perspective
Kate Jastram, Human Rights Attorney

Representing the “European refugee crisis” in Germany and beyond: Deservingness and difference, life and death
Seth Holmes, School of Public Health and Heidi Casteñada, Anthropology (University of South Florida)

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Bodies of Knowledge: Race, Power, & Pedagogy
CRG Thursday Forum Series

(En)Gendering Whiteness: A Historical Analysis of White Womanhood, Colonial Anxieties, and “Tender Violence” in US Schools
Natalee Kēhaulani Bauer, Graduate School of Education

The Latino Male Teacher: Discursive Formations, the Pressure to Perform, and the Possibility of Disidentification
Michael Singh, School of Education

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Thursday Forum Series

Faculty and graduate students are welcome to submit proposals to present at the CRG Thursday Forum Series. Proposals to present as an individual or a panel are invited each semester.

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