Black Feminism(s)

The Black Feminism(s) Working Group is a collective of graduate students from across disciplines that utilize a Black feminist framework in their research. Our areas of interest include but are not limited to 19th-20th-century Black women’s history, diaspora theory, gender and sexuality studies, feminist theory, literature, labor, globalization and capital, spirituality and religion(s), social movements, slavery and memory, new media and performance.

As discourses concerning the complex histories of gender, feminist thought and theory are negotiated within the academy, and in popular culture, this working group becomes imperative in contributing to the conversations about Black feminism(s) in and out of the academy. We explore the expansiveness of Black feminism(s) through our multi- and interdisciplinary research, as well as gesture toward Black feminist futures with the goal of creating scholarship and showing up in our communities in ways that demonstrate our commitment to the work of our Black feminist foremothers.

Toward these goals, our group will meet regularly to discuss selected readings, interrogate film and other media, workshop original research and projects, attend relevant events, and host invited speakers. Ultimately, we hope to create an intellectual space that foregrounds a multivocal, multi-sited, intergenerational curation of Black feminist scholarship and practice.