Black American History Seminar

The primary purpose of the Black American History Seminar is to provide a space to talk about and engage with African American history. Regular meetings will provide opportunities to network with those who study African American history, those who are working on projects related to African American history, and those who want to learn more about African American history. Our group will meet regularly to discuss new books and articles, as well as emerging trends in various subfields of African American history from the colonial period up to the present. Geographically, our focus will be on ‘North America,’ attuned to the global and transnational flows of bodies, peoples, ideas, and commodities across time. Our scope will span beyond the continental U.S. to include Latin America and the Atlantic world. These studies and investigations will focus on intersectional perspectives in the field, with special attention to gender. Areas of interest include the intersections between black history, gender and sexuality within the context of migrations; diaspora; Atlantic slavery; the formation of race; legal history; property ownership; financial institutions; sociology, politics; class; cultural history; intellectual history; labor history.