Borderland Practice: Citizenship, Race, Gender & Critical Praxis

Borderland Practice, a CRG graduate working group that aims to create an interdisciplinary space to examine the intersections of race, class, gender, and citizenship within health, social service, and practice settings; and foster meaningful collaborations with community-based organizations that support immigrant and migrant communities.

We draw inspiration from Gloria Anzaldúa’s writings, in particular Borderland/La Frontera:

“Borders are set up to define the places that are safe and unsafe, to distinguish us from them. A border is a dividing line, a narrow strip along a steep edge. A borderland is a vague and undetermined place created by the emotional residue of an unnatural boundary. It is in a constant state of transition. The prohibited and forbidden are its inhabitants.”

Borderland Practice Publications

Borderland Practice: Citizenship, Race, Gender & Critical Praxis Events

Spring 2015 Showcase BorderLand Practice

Borderland Practice: Citizenship, Race, Gender, and Critical Praxis -- 2015 Spring Showcase and Anthology Launch

05.02.2015| 12:00 - 4:00 PM |  Multicultural Community Center, Hearst Field Annex D-37

Join us for the Borderland Practice Working Group’s spring showcase, where we will be premiering an anthology of writing, art, poetry and community interviews that examine the intersections of race, class, gender, and citizenshipwithin health, social service, and other practice settings. There will also be performances and a panel discussion where we invite community members and health practitioners to discuss how these issues manifest in their work and other settings.

Event sponsored by the UC Berkeley Center for Race and Gender, Center for Health Leadership Association, and Social Welfare Graduate Assembly.