Decolonial Feminisms

The Decolonial Feminisms Working Group is working on a series of research questions and praxical projects related to decoloniality and feminisms through reading discussion, collective research projects, and the organizing of conferences and convenings.  We were formed in the fall of 2008 in response to an invitation by Prof. Maria Lugones, Center for Philosophy and Interpretation of Culture (CPIC), Binghamton University, to work collaboratively on questions of decolonial feminisms.  We began a dialogue with CPIC, participated in a transnational video conference with groups in Mexico and Bolivia in the spring of 2009, and are now working to engage and contribute to decolonial feminist research and popular education projects, within California, including at Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and Santa Barbara, as well as across institutions in the U.S. and beyond, creating multiple forums for sharing knowledges locally, nationally, and transnationally.