Disorienting Diasporic Hegemonies

CONTACT:  dariusgordon@berkeley.edu; franchesca-araujo@berkeley.edu

The Disorienting Diasporic Hegemonies working group seeks to create a community that reads, writes about, thinks critically toward, and acts in solidarity with Black social movements outside of the United States, with a particular focus on Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean. While the impact of U.S. imperialism on these geographies is central to any analysis of globalized power, we seek to center the histories and voices of Global South geographies. By focusing on a material analysis of these geographies, we aim to reorient and rescale widely held ideas about Blackness, Black histories, and Black struggle. While open to all graduate students, this group primarily invites advanced graduate students working on milestone-related projects. We seek to engage distinct yet interrelated topics ranging from decolonial Black feminisms and collectives, leftist and sovereignty movements and insurgencies, state violence and neocolonial ownership of lands, and cultural/visual productions.