AY 2022 - 2023 Research Working Groups

AY 2022 - 2023 CRG Research Working Groups

Racialized Gendered Organizations

CONTACT: esboldt_joy@berkeley.edu

The “Racialized-Gendered Organizations” working group aims to investigate the intersection of race, gender, and organizations. We ask how organizations are both products and generators of unequal power structures in society. Topics of focus include: how racialized and/or gendered norms are created, enforced, and mobilized; roles of identity and power relations within/across organizations as they (re)produce, co-mediate, and enact social networks, practices,...

Transecological Imaginations: Spatial Theory and Transformative Practices

CONTACT: chandra_laborde@berkeley.edu

Transecological Imaginations is conceptualized as a working group that bridges spatial theory and transformative practices to imagine equitable futures. Transecological ethics is an embodied relation to place which is attuned to histories of difference in all its forms, especially the ones that challenge binaries such as nature/culture, female/male, etc. This framework aims to resist a planetary future centered on anthropic exceptionalism that hierarchizises...

Indigenous Sound Studies

CONTACT: sierra_edd@berkeley.edu; everardo_reyes@berkeley.edu

The Indigenous Sound Studies working group aims to highlight Indigenous politics in music and sound. Our members come from various backgrounds to create an Indigenous-centered dialogue on issues of anti-colonial practices, sovereignty, identity, and knowledge production in sound. Our discussion spaces are intended to be collaborative and constructive for understanding the multiple frictions of...

Ecologies of Difference: Unearthing Racialized and Gendered Infrastructures

CONTACT: p.campanile@berkeley.edu; pinaforte@berkeley.edu; leonoraz@berkeley.edu

The Ecologies of Difference working group is a collaboration of place-based thinkers dedicated to employing the many lessons learned from critical black feminist ecology, political ecology, queer ecology, postcolonial theory, and indigenous criticism in order to develop fieldwork methods and modes of writing...

Relational Latinx and Asian American Cultural Studies

CONTACT: miguel_samano@berkeley.edu

Relational Latinx and Asian American Studies is a multi-disciplinary graduate student-led working group that will explore the aesthetic, political, and social practices of Latinx and Asian American communities as mutually entangled, a matter of linked fates. In anticipation of incipient demographic realities in the state of California and on campus, which has committed to achieving Hispanic-Serving Institution (HIS) status by 2026, but also in the wake of COVID-...

Critical University Studies

CONTACT: rzfanshel@berkeley.edu

The Critical University Studies (CUS) Working Group convenes monthly to foster a scholarly community that contends with issues of race, gender, class, dis/ability, sexuality, and other forms of minoritization within and through higher education. We interrogate how colonialism, white supremacy, antiblackness, heteropatriarchy, and capitalist accumulation are constitutive to the formation and maintenance of universities, and how to disrupt their powerful hold. Our goals are...

Black Geosonicologies

CONTACT: april-l-graham@berkeley.edu(link sends e-mail); sibahle@berkeley.edu

The Black Geosonicologies Working Group explores the racialization of sound and how it is mediated, contextualized, and experienced through place-based orientation. We draw from

Disorienting Diasporic Hegemonies

CONTACT: dariusgordon@berkeley.edu; franchesca-araujo@berkeley.edu

The Disorienting Diasporic Hegemonies working group seeks to create a community that reads, writes about, thinks critically toward, and acts in solidarity with Black social movements outside of the United States, with a particular focus on Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean. While the impact of U.S. imperialism on these geographies is central to any analysis of