Kristina Lovato

Job title: 
Assistant Professor
School of Social Welfare
Research interests: 

Her research aims to better understand the lived experiences of Latinx communities in order to develop culturally responsive policies, systems, and services.  The second line of research examines social and structural inequities associated with race, gender, socioeconomic status and social/structural determinants of health in the provision of services to Latinx populations. In a recent intramurally funded study, she elicited the perspectives of child welfare agency representatives nationally – both administrators and frontline staff to explore how child welfare agencies and community partner organizations experienced and adapted service provision for immigrant children and families during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the third line of research, she expects to lead studies aimed at enhancing civic engagement both formally and informally among Latinx and immigrant communities. She is interested in examining how we might engage Latinx populations in democratic structures where there are and have been, significant structural efforts to exclude them from participation in democracy.