Color of New Media

This working group seeks to add new voices, and new lenses, to the new media studies “conversation,” in order to diversify and broaden the scope of that conversation. The overarching goals of this group are: to share resources on issues of race/ethnicity/nation and new media; to foster the creation of new scholarship on these issues; and to nurture fellowship and social networking among scholars, particularly scholars of color, working in the field of new media studies. As a group, the Color of New Media has always been interested in sharing and popularizing scholarship by or about minoritarian users and makers of digital culture, as well as the possibility that we might also produce such scholarship.

From its inception, Color of New Media has centered how minoritized communities (BIPOC, QTPOC, and women) are situated, and situate themselves, online. Understanding the continued expansion and intensification of media technologies in our lives--from the stories we tell to the education we stage to the futures we imagine--has routinely been part of our work. That work has only grown in the last year, with more intentional consideration of the entanglement of climate transformation, widespread public health crises, and the deepening challenges to crafting a durable space for public education. We have centered issues of “collapse” as a key part of any inquiry into race, gender, and new media, while at the same time, we've continued to plumb the rich intellectual, aesthetic, and technological resources produced by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities.